How to Use Your Mac Efficiently While Working From Home?

Macs are well known for their advanced features and excellent appearance. They are immensely popular in the digital world for their brand value.

Due to the current pandemic, many people across the globe are choosing to work from their homes. It is the only possible option. And for people who work with programming, graphic design, or content writing, sitting in an office isn’t a must.

While you are working from home, you need to get more efficient and work effectively. You can use some tips on your device for a better work experience. Here are some of the ways Mac can simplify the working from home situation.

Use Your iPad as Display

If you need multiple windows or a bigger screen while working, you can use this tip. For example, a MacBook screen might look smaller when working from home than your office computer.

Of course, you can add another monitor to the device, but you can easily use your iPad if you do not have any additional monitor. If the Mac you use is a 2016 or upgraded model, you can quickly connect it to the iPad you have. You have to use Sidecar’s feature to make the iPad a second display while working on the Mac.

If the Mac you own does not support this, you can install the Duet Display app. Both these options provide you with the same functions. You can also use the iPad to split the tasks you are doing, which can reduce the storage space usage of your Mac. This is how you can use an iPad for a better experience of work from home.

Keep Your Device Clean

A clean Mac is a healthy Mac. You can opt for cleaning your device while you are working on it. Work from home increases a lot of usage of your personal computer. You can make the device smoother by cleaning it. You need to install cleaning apps like CleanMyMac X, and it shall clean your computer on its own.

You have to use the Uninstall option in the app to remove system junk, cache files, duplicate content, unwanted documents, and outdated apps. The main reason why your computer is running slow can be a cluttered computer with storage issues. You can clean it with the click of a single button.

Manage the Notifications You Get

Your attention is essential while working from home, and there are several possible distractions when you are doing so. One of the main barriers you can face while working is the notifications you get on your laptop. To make sure you do not face any barrage while working, you need to mute or remove excess messages.

To end these notifications, you can open the option System Preferences and go to the Notifications option. There, you shall find a list of apps that show you notifications. You can immediately select the apps that send unneeded alerts and disable them. For instance, you can keep the sound and badges on but remove the notification banners to stop you from getting visually distracted. This is the way you can manage your notifications on Mac.

Remove the Apps which Distract You

While working in an office, the work environment is more productive as you can see other people working. At home, it can be hard to be as efficient as you are in the office. There are many easy distractions you might face, along with digital distractions like Twitter, Netflix, etc.

The best way to start your work from home is to remove distracting apps like messaging apps, such as Telegram, Messenger, WhatsApp. You can also log out of social media like Facebook to stay concentrated on your work. This way, you can get better productivity from your work by removing unnecessary attractions while you are at home.

Stick to Reminders

You can carve out a to-do list to keep your work on track. A systematic list can help you with your daily work from home. For example, you can list things you need to get accomplished within that day while beginning your workday. Mac helps you to make this list using the Reminders app.

It is a built-in app that allows you to make lists and alerts as reminders. If you want to use more features, such as notes and attachments, you can use the Todoist app. This is how you can operate reminders and lists on the Mac you are using.

Final Words

These are some of the most important and easy ways to keep your work from home experience up to the mark. You can try these tips at home for a better productive work atmosphere if you have a MacBook. And remember that the more of the suggestions you implement into your work strategy, the more efficient you will be.

How to Use Your Mac Efficiently While Working From Home?
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